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Registration of your Vehicle made Easy

                                                                      Services we offer:

                        Vehicle Registration - Driving License Exchange - Carte Grise Address change                                                                                         Sales Transfer of Ownership.
We provide the service to anybody who has imported their vehicles over the water or further afield.
For the recently arrived in France going through the process of re-registration of your 
cherished motor car can be daunting, time consuming and sometimes ending in failure.

We will achieve what most find difficult and remove the stress so that you can relax.

Leave the hard work to us, we will manage the whole experience from start to finish.

Total guidance will be given to you on the documents that you have and we require plus the documents we have acquired for you so that we can complete the re-registration with the Agence Nationale de Titres Securises (ANTS). 

The end result will be your car registered in France after which you can purchase French insurance.
Why don’t you move forward with your project be it Vehicle Registration, Driving License Exchange, 

Carte Grise Address change or Sales Transfer of Ownership by calling or emailing and starting the process?

We are waiting to hear from you!!!

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On the Road

Modern Cars / Motorbikes*
Classic Cars / Motorbikes - FFVE

Commercial Vehicles

*Motorbikes must not be Modified.

*Classic: over 30 years old 

images.jpg New Car


images (1).jpg Classic car
download (1).jpg New motorbike
download (5).jpg Classic motorbike





On the Road
"Federation Francaise des Vehicules D`Epoque" Classic Vehicles over 30 years old still require some form of certificate of conformity. Some vehicle producers no longer exist so the FFVE carry out an inspection to produce a document suitable for the registration of the vehicle.
A Controle Technique is required for the FFVE application, there after every 5 years.    

FFVE 2.jpg Francais Federation du Vehicle Epoche
FFVE 1.jpg an old classic car
On the Road

Certificate of Conformity:

Always required (direct from the manufacturer ) we will procure this document on your behalf. 
This service incurs an extra cost to our total fee

OR: You already have a "E" Type Approval number on your V5 registration document which is in place of a certificate of conformity.

coc 1.jpg Certificate of Conformity document
On the Road


The Dreal inspect vehicles if ANTS consider a vehicle does not comply with French regulations.

We will complete all documentation and organise the place and date of inspection.

It can take up to 8 weeks or more for an inspection date.

This service incurs an extra cost to our total fee. 

On the Road

Controle Technique (MOT) required

We will make the phone calls to organise appointments with your local centre for inspection. 

New vehicle:

The 1st inspection is to be carried out 3 years 6 months after the 1st date of registration.

There after every 2 years.

CT 1.jpg a building used for a Controle Technique
download.jpg building used for a Controle Technique
On the Road

Quittus Fiscal (tax exemption):

QF is available to residents of the EU or if you imported the vehicle from the UK 1 year before Brexit. 

We complete all documentation and make the application to your local tax office.

QF.jpg QUITUS FISCAL tax exemption document
On the Road

Douanes visit:
We will source the nearest Douanes office to you and advise you on the procedures to apply for a 846A document.

Note: In the case of importing a vehicle with a transfer of residence (moving house), customs duties and VAT do not apply if the following 2 conditions are met:

It is not a utility vehicle.
You have owned the vehicle / vehicles more than 6 months prior to the move to France.
The owner (or a representative) of the vehicle will have to go to the Douanes in person with the vehicle to obtain an 846A Douanes clearance certificate.

You have 12 months grace from entering France to register your house move (demenagement) and vehicles. Please visit Douanes website for latest information.

846A 1.jpg a picture of a cash payment to the customs or douanes.
846A.jpg The 846a document issued as proof of paying import tax
On the Road

Vehicle Registration: €145 administration fee, plus the ANTS registration fee for the Certificate Immatriculation.

Certificate of Conformity & Dreal are extra costs if required.


Driving License exchange: €65

Carte Grise address change: €65

Sales Transfer of Ownership: €65

Why don’t you move forward with your project by calling or emailing and asking for a Quote?

We are waiting to hear from you!!!

The processing of documentation by ANTS can take up to 8 weeks.

*Provisional Certificate Immatriculation document allows the purchase of registration plates and insurance. 

*Definitive Certificate Immatriculation (Carte Grise) will arrive by registered post at your address normally within 14 days.

                            Siret: 851 413 450 000 12

images - Copy.jpg Carte Grise
On the Road_edited.jpg


To receive a quote please forward the information required below to be found on the UK V5 registration document.

B: Date of 1st Registration                                                D1: Make
D3: Model
D5: Body type (If available)
P1: Cylinder Capacity (cc)
V7: CO2 (g/km) (If available)
P3: Type of Fuel
P2: Max net Power (kw) (If available)
OR: Send the 2nd page only of the V5 document

Please send your
 information through our:                     



Pink Sugar
a British V5 vehicle Registration document

Get in Touch

Paul Palmer.

4 Rue du Moulin de Passignac,

17520 Saint Maigrin, France.

Phone: 0780493243

Abroad: 0033 (0) 780493243

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